Thursday, November 21, 2019


If I'm in the house, I'm watching the hearings.  If I'm in the car, I'm listening to them. I skipped Pilates to watch one. 

This shouldn't surprise you; I did read all 400 some pages and 1100 some footnotes of the Mueller Report.  I've watched every minute of every one of the Democratic Presidential Candidates' debates.

I like to make my own judgments based on the originals.  Or, I'm obsessed.

I feel no need to apologize.  It's my democracy, it's the world I'm leaving my grandchildren, it's the country that took my grandparents in.  

It's a reminder of living in Washington, DC during the Watergate hearings, when the WaPo wasn't a national paper, but was my local rag.  TBG worked for the Democratic National Committee; he played softball against the RNC in a summer league.  We lived and breathed a national crisis.

I'm spending a lot of time remembering working at Blimpie's (mayonnaise? mustard? Russian dressing?) and listening to Barbara Jordan's mellifluous tones on the radio.  We followed every up and down, every evidentiary hearing, every parliamentary turn.  I'm doing it again right now, and it feels great.... right up until I feel like my head is going to explode

So, tonight I'm skipping both the end of the hearing and the beginning of the debate.  I'm going out to dinner with JannyLou, her Granddaughter M, and M's roommate.  We're going to have pizza and talk about college and careers and while we may touch on the hearings they'll be tangential to the conversation.  

I'm looking at it as the sorbet to clear my palate before I start on the next course, tomorrow.

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  1. I am watching too, all of it. I just posted about the hearing on my blog.


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