Monday, November 18, 2019

An Extra Week

For some reason, this year seems to have inserted a few more days into the month of November.  I don't understand it. 

We traveled and I don't feel behind.

I have everything I need for the holidays' wonderful madness; I checked it out this afternoon.

I've organized the orange decorations into Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving boxes and corralled the pumpkins and baskets into two gigantic clear plastic bags, waiting for a tall person to put it up on the shelf.

I washed Grandma's Garden's scarecrows, after removing their stuffing to another gigantic plastic bag. 

My container plants are thriving after their earlier pruning.  The roses are budding out.  The landscapers were here last week; there's no sense in making a mess when it looks so well tended.

It's too early to start the Brownie List baking.  I know that the list exists in a useful form; finding it in Lenore the Laptop is the only remaining challenge.... and it's not a very big one at all.

I've read Robert Crais and C. J. Box and Ta-Nehisi Coates (and if you haven't read The Water Dancer you really should) this week.  I'm up-to-date with The Brothers Karamazov for class on Tuesday.

Dr. K and Not-Kathy are coming over for dinner, and so I have to spend some time in the kitchen.  Other than that, I'm quite at my leisure.

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