Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Sometimes, I Amaze Myself

Lenore the Lenovo Laptop is having issues. 

Ever since I participated in a webinar, my home screen picture has been covered with tiny icons, folders labeled webinar.  There are lots of them, denizens.  Lots and lots.  I know that the men in my family will be struck once again by my lack of interest in numbers; they'd have counted across and down and be able to tell you exactly how many there are, covering up Giblet's giant cheeks, taking forever to load, and, today, precluding me from opening my browser window.

I turned it off.  I unplugged and replugged.  I hit control+alt+delete with intensity and frequency.  The interwebs were frozen behind an invasion of nonsense.

I don't know how it got there.  I was uncertain how to get it off.

I tried System Restore, but, somehow, it is not activated.  It's always activated.  I don't know where it went on its vacation, but its absence left me in the lurch.  I couldn't go back to the day before the webinar and start over.  I had no System Restore established and the machine apparently decided not to set one up for me... even though she used to do that.... even though I was counting on her.....


I thought about calling Brother.  I thought about taking it to the computer doctor.  I thought about searching for answers on my phone.  I didn't know what I wanted to type to you today, but I knew that I had to have access to the site in order to do anything at all... and I certainly wanted to do something.

On the gazillionth time I got to Task Manager via Ctrl+Alt-Del I clicked on File. A drop down box appeared; the first option was Open s New Program.  There was a slot into which I typed google and which autofilled itself with  I hit Enter and there it was; the interwebs were mine!

I suppose I should seek a more permanent fix, but I'm satisfied for now.  I found a way to write to you, and I found a topic, too.


  1. Do you have a backup on an external disk? Just plug it in and ask for a restore to a date previous to that webinar. You should be back in business.

    1. Well, that's why I didn't call my brother. I knew he would hang up when I told him that no, I'd never backed it up to an external drive. Perhaps, now, I will do it. It turned on just fine today!

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