Friday, November 22, 2019

The Lorax Garden

I read Dr. Seuss's The Lorax to every student in every kindergarten every year.
There's a moral that resonates with me, a moral that is explicitly spelled out -
Unless you care, nothing will change.
I always pause and point to each one of them when the story gets to this point. 
Unless.  You.
This is their garden, not Grandma's Garden.
It seemed only right that they do the heavy lifting.
Thanks to a grant from the UofA and the USDA, we're well on our way to creating our own Lorax Garden. We're going to fill it with weird and wonderful edible plants, like this passion fruit, which Rillito Nursery is holding for me.  We're conspiring to find more wonderful ideas; we're open to suggestions.
I picked up the supplies at Home Depot, where they loaded my car.  
I unloaded them onto a cart myself; it was my workout for the day.
I got the 1st grade to push the cart on the sidewalk; they needed my help so there are no pictures.
I let the kindergarten play without asking for help; this was a job for the big kids.

It took only one question - "Would you like to be strong and help Grandma?"
Some were able to carry and toss. Others used the drop and fold method.
Others waited until the much lighter and easier to maneuver trellises were ready to be stored.
I submitted my grant application on November 14th, one day before the review date.

On November 20th I received an email notifying me that my order was ready to be picked up at Home Depot.  Amazon would deliver the rest.  We will meet at Rillito Nursery on December 5th so the donor can pay for the plants.
I kept thanking Katie-the-Munificent for the speed with which this was happening.  She was bemused.  Apparently, this kind of efficiency is just what's expected.... by her workplace, her colleagues, and herself. 
 She was surprised by my surprise.  I hope she never loses that feeling.

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