Monday, June 11, 2018

Well, That Didn't Happen

I had great plans.  A new header.  Updated sidebar.  Revamped labels.

They never came to fruition.  Instead, I swam and visited with friends and read two novels.  I went out to dinner with friends, had lunch with friends, dined at a gala with friends.  My fingers and toes are freshly painted.  The cupboards are stocked with fresh and healthy foodstuffs.  There is soft and gushy bread from the bakery on my counter.  I have everything I need for dinner preparations. 

I printed out our tickets for RBG at The Loft today at 2:45.  Perhaps we'll stop at Smashburger for milkshakes on the way home.  I have time for another swim before dressing for the movie.

It's summer in Tucson and that usually means laziness.  There is less to do.  Being outside is impossible unless you are in a pool or up the mountains.  Indoor activities take precedence, and that's what I had in mind when I promised you a new look. 

I didn't think that everyone I knew and loved would be back in town and wanting to visit this weekend.  I didn't know that the library books would be so enthralling.  But, mostly, I didn't know that I wouldn't have the energy to tackle the tasks I'd assigned myself.

That's been happening a lot, lately. 

I've been working on my clothes closet for a month or so, weeding out everything that doesn't fit (and never will again) and that I don't like.  Some items still had tags, but I was ruthless, rooting out the Give Away's and the Garbage and the Send to (Insert Name Here)'s.  I still have one shelf left to investigate, the one with my jewelry and tchotchkes. 

I haven't made a plan or stated a commitment out loud regarding my anticipated end date.  I find myself working on it at odd times - after putting on my pj's at 11 o'clock at night, just before I take a shower after a sweaty workout, while changing into hang out clothes in the late afternoon.  It grabs me and I act. 

If I don't feel the lust to act, I ignore the chore..... and that's what happened to The Burrow this weekend.  I was busy.  My energies were directed toward other activities.  What seemed like fun on Friday morning remained firmly planted in my To Do's; it never moved to Being Done.

Truly, I have read other books and seen other movies and watched other tv shows (currently bingeing Killing Eve).  I have merely neglected to inform you, my reading audience, of their existence in my life.  Perhaps the urge to update will hit me when I'm not so busy.  Perhaps not.  For now, all I can do is apologize.


  1. I miss Tucson in the summer but we had to finally go for haying and shearing and everything the farm demands. We did put up a mister our last few days there and it made it nice enough to sit on the patio watching the quail until it got above the mid 90s. I will miss when the monsoons come as that's my favorite Tucson season but until someone else takes over the farm, it eventually must demand us--- actually Ranch Boss-- return. I miss Tucson in the summer especially since we got A/C :) and not the useless swamp cooler once real heat and humidity arrive. I like the slower pace, less traffic. They all came north with us.

    1. I, too, love the summer (swamp coolers are much less fun than A/C!) and the slower pace and the heat (tho not at 3 in the afternoon when there is no escape except indoors). Glad you got to experience some of it.

    2. My first experience with it was in 1966. I was pregnant and we only had the swamp cooler lol. We also frequently came down with our little trailer with no a/c, wet towels to cool off the kids. Those were he days most people traveled nights to avoid the extreme heat. It's how we left Tucson the first time. I still found it an exciting time. We got our Tucson house almost 20 years ago and it again had only the swamp cooler. We put room ones into our bedroom window-- not a great experience with the monsoons when the super bugs also come out lol. It's the storms though that make it such an exciting time. The desert smells like rain is so great.


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