Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dear C J

I've known Rep. McSally's District Director since he was Gabby's Communications Director, back in 2011, when we were shot.  I smiled when I heard that he'd "gone over to the dark side," the phrase I used when I called to ask for a meeting.  Since McSally's election, we've met half a dozen times, alone and in the company of others sharing my political bent.  

He's always been open and honest and forthright.  He calls me on my over-reactions and I don't allow him to avoid the hard questions.  We agree to disagree.  

He knows that I don't feel represented.  He knows that I don't admire his boss.  He's a staffer, enjoying the workings of government without attaching a personal bias to his day job.  I'm fine with that.  He spouts the party line, the Congresswoman's inability to take a coherent stand on the issues tormenting and torturing his answers at times, but he's always tried to hear what I'm saying.  He promises that he conveys the messages upstream.

We've shared our love for America, a country that welcomed our recent relations as immigrants.  We've managed to laugh around our differences.  I hope that's still true after he reads these words, which I sent to him in an email Monday morning:

Dear CJ,

We've talked about the Brits and your people - the ones who were bullied and tormented and pushed aside, abused and sent running.

We've talked about civil discourse and respect and seeing the other side.

We've wrangled with the distinction between speaking truth to power and getting something done.

I'd love to have something to discuss about the Congresswoman's stance on separating families at the border, but, alas, there is NOTHING.


This is the office that represents me.  This is the office that speaks for me in Washington.  This is my voice, and it is silent.

How does Ms McSally feel about this policy?  She was just at the border with Sec. Nielsen.  She knows her.  What have they discussed about this issue?  Where does my Congresswoman come down on this policy?

I'm not making any assumptions about her reaction.  That would be unfair.  Just because her home page is filled with pictures of her cozying up to the President and the Vice President does not necessarily mean that she agrees with everything they say.  I will give her the chance to prove that she can establish some distance between herself and the inhumanity that is besmirching our international reputation, that has gotten us a slap from the United Nations, that tears at my heart when I wake up and when I go to sleep.

This is NOT my America.  Is is Congresswoman McSally's?

Inquiring voters want to know.  I await your response.

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