Thursday, June 7, 2018


TBG sits beside me on Douglas, willing his Cavaliers to victory.  They are up by ten right now, and he's filled with hope.  Can one extraordinary man defeat a talented team led by The Splash Brothers?  He's filled with hope, but he is a realist.

I have been trying to find hope in the larger sphere. 

I can't worry about Melania sightings; lots of moms are busy with their kids at this time of year and she did just have surgery.  I'm infuriated by the NFL owners' tone deaf response to players kneeling for social justice, I'm inspired by the mutual respect shown in the NBA, but mostly I'm annoyed that the flag, which is supposed to fly free and never be held flat, is venerated while being insulted. People are still driving with a full load of stupid, but there are fewer of all of us so it's mildly less annoying.... although it's really too hot to be annoyed at anything. 

But I'm not fighting annoyance, I'm struggling with despair.  My country is in peril and I am feeling powerless.  My Congresswoman is a regular on Fox News and in Presidential photo-ops.  One of my Senators resigned and one is too ill to cast his votes. 

I took that mindset into Beyond Bread for tuna fish and a vague thought of losing myself in the less than thrilling thriller I'm reading.  I settled myself comfortably, taking in my surroundings, and I smiled. 

There were four of them, three women and one man, their hands and faces lined with experiences of campaigns past.  Large white buttons proclaiming a love of democracy and a promise to vote pinned to their hips, they shared papers and smiles and plans.  Their food was an after thought. It was the work which brought them together.

They were still going strong when I left, and I read several long chapters over my salad. 

They served me hope for dessert.

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