Thursday, June 28, 2018

It Was All Too Much For Me

First, the Supremes believed that The Trump Travel Ban was based, not on the President's stated objective of keeping all Muslims out of the USofA, but on specific security threats.  As Rachel Maddow pointed out, that was the same reasoning used in upholding Korematsu, the Japanese internment case brought during WWII.  Recent documents have shown that there was no real security threat (if one had existed it might be assumed that the other descendants of the Axis Powers - the Germans and the Italians - would have been rounded up, too).  Somehow, I think the same spurious reasoning will be found by future generations probing the archives behind the Muslim Ban.

Yes, there were restrictions on immigration from those countries when Mr Obama was President. Somehow we managed to stay safe for all those years without disgusting the rest of the world.

Then, the Supremes weren't impressed with racial gerrymandering at all - and decided it wasn't a big deal, that districts could be drawn at State Legislatures' discretion, racial insensitivity (or over sensitivity) be damned.  Congressional Districts can look like the lower intestine, serving to include and exclude with impunity. 

Sure, a District in New York elected a newcomer while ousting a long time Democratic pol, but can a Democratic Socialist agenda gain traction here in Arizona?  Is the DCCC, the election arm of the Democratic Party, worried?  They are putting their dollars behind establishment candidates (see Ann Kirkpatrick right here in Arizona) while ignoring the upstarts with bold ideas.  We have 7 of them competing for Martha McSally's House seat, fascinating humans with new ideas and bold visions and, for the most part, not a lot of baggage from the past.  Will they play well more broadly in our District?  It's 30-30-30, split between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, a true swath of Americana.  I like a couple of the newcomers, but the Powers That Be aren't budging.

Gabby and Mark are behind Ann.  That adds to my burden of sorrow.

Then Justice Kennedy retired. I've already alerted my family that Justice Ginsburg can have any of my body parts she requires to maintain her health and her workload; she's the most important human on the planet right now.  I need her on the Court, not replaced by a person whose impeachment or indictment may well come before that same Court  

The thought of that foolish. orange, ignorant man (yes, I was reduced to ranting by my fear and loathing) appointing Supreme Court Justices put me over the edge.  I paced.  I ranted.  I watched High Society and admired Grace Kelly's jewelry (the real stuff, that Prince Rainier gave her, that she wore in the movie and then on in her real life as Princess Grace) and thought about Satchmo going to the newly formed Congo upon its release from Belgian servitude (when I was in 4th grade and wrote a report on it.... thank you Mrs. Kleiner for an assignment I recall half a century later).... and none of it helped.  I ate ice cream and a croissant and a banana and couldn't drown my sorrows and fears that way, either.

So, I went to sleep, hoping that the world would look better to me in the morning, that my fingers would take me to a better place for you, even if the post would be hours late in posting.  

Obviously, I managed to write something this morning, so the edge is off.  

Still, I don't feel very much better at all.


  1. Well, I feel absolutely horrible. SCOTUS can, and probably will, review past decisions. There goes Roe V. Wade and same sex marriage. There goes the Mueller probe. There goes just about everything that made this country what it was.
    Here is another depressing article that is pretty much spot on about what is happening here, and abroad.

  2. My daughter is here visiting and she too is ranting.

    1. I am so glad that I am old...... I am so sad for what I am leaving to my grandkids.


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