Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Getting an A+ in Parenting

She's about to welcome a sibling.
Her parents are realizing that the odds will soon be even - two on each side of the power divide.
And so, recent emphasis has focused on rewarding Excellent Big Sister Behavior.
The rewards are financial, deposited into a piggy bank.
Said bank was full on Sunday; FlapJilly was free to spend her earnings anywhere she wanted.
The Yogurt Shop. Claire's for baubles and bangles.  The cupcake bakery.  Target.
She took her parents and her kitty purse and her cash to the library store, Barnes and Oble.
There she is, leaving with her book bag and her Dad, explaining the situation to him.

They've raised a not-yet-4-year-old who makes wise choices.


  1. So cute! And I love going to bookstores too. My hubby gets annoyed with me 'cause I love the smell of books. I will open up a book and smell it. Books have a unique smell. ;)

    AND I love what they are teaching her.

    Stacy xxx

    1. She has her own little lounge chair, with a pocket for books on one side. She puts herself there and reads - to herself, to her dolls, to her imaginary friends.

      I, too, love books and book stores and I smell them, too. But, I like the feel of the paper more than the smell. To each, her own!

  2. I want her to call it Barnes and Opal forever and ever.


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