Friday, June 29, 2018

I Had A Post In Mind.....

I really did.  A bunch of Random Thoughts (haven't done that for a while, thought it was time to reprise it) or, perhaps, a silly FlapJilly story, or a description of GRIN's Grandma's Garden project at Prince.... they were all rattling around in my head until I came home and watched the news.

Five people went to work in the morning.  Just a regular morning.  The sun came up and they got dressed and followed their regular, boring routines and ended up at their desks in the Capital Gazette.  They never went home.  They died on a regular day, doing regular things, with regular people.

How do we go on when shit like that keeps happening?  There must have been pissed off readers before 2018, readers who sued the paper for some reason or other.  Why does the world not come to a stop when a man begins executing other humans because he's angry?  When did this become okay?

I'm lucky.  I've already been shot.  I often tell people that the safest place to be in the world is by my side, because the chances of bullets finding my small self once again have got to be very small, indeed. 

But the rest of you.......I worry..  I don't know how you find the inner strength to leave your houses in the morning, knowing the chaos and craziness that might await you. 

I wondered last night if the time was soon coming where the only people brave enough to encounter others, randomly, in public, are those whose lives have already been violated by gunshots.  We've been there, survived that.

I worry about the rest of you.


  1. I've said, since working for 21 years in an inner city high school, that I am brave and can go anywhere because of that experience. I faced some dangerous situations but never got physically hurt. I've heard gunshots when arriving at Columbia so who knows.

    1. And when I was a young naive social worker they said to take your bravery out early in the morning before the bad guys woke up/


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