Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To My Son-In-Law

Dear SIR,

You were right and we are grateful.  We are so very, very grateful.

This was a weekend filled with merriment and love.  It would not have happened had you not insisted. Watching your bride walk down the aisle was a memory you wanted to treasure forever.  You wanted a wedding. We are so glad that you did.

When I suggested that Little Cuter kidnap you and elope, I could see you in her response.  "MOM,"
she said, with emphasis and with love, "deceit is probably not the best way to kick off a marriage!"

In her words to you on Saturday night, she spoke of how you understand her and care for her as she really is... without artifice.... just herself, vulnerable and open.  She's absolutely right; deceit is not a part of that recipe.  There is no need. 

You love her for who she is, and you wanted to share that love with everyone.  She looked at practical uses for the money, you kept your eye on the prize.  That the prize was our daughter makes TBG and me the luckiest in-laws in the world.  You knew, you wise and sentimental man, that some things are worth the effort and the energy and the time.

And so, time after time these last eighteen months, you talked us off the ledge. With your smile firmly planted in our brains, we planned up a storm.  Your happiness led us to abandon all resistance, although we reserved the right to whimper from time to time.

Everything you promised us came true this weekend.  You were absolutely, 100%, correct.  We had the best time, the most fun, felt so loved..... and it's all because you knew better than we did that the energy invested would be returned to us a dozen times over.... maybe a dozen dozen times.... or more.

You knew that the synergy of your love and our families and our friends would create an extra-special environment.... and it did. As Dr. K told TBG, you've set the bar for weddings... and that bar is very very high.

Sitting circle-in-the-round, watching one another and you, everyone was sharing the love.  It reflected off the smiles and the laughter and the sunset.... because you two timed the ceremony just right... promptly at 6pm.  You may be the romantic, but my girl makes things run on time. 

You and yours were open to Big Cuter officiating at your ceremony; I can't think of a finer way to cement our relationships.  This weekend truly was about blending families, about extending families, about gaining new brothers and sisters and moms and dads.  Hearing my son address his sister and his (new) brother just about exploded my heart.

Who knew that so much joy could be contained in one small woman?

You are still SIR... always will be.... but the verbiage underlying the acronym has changed.  You are now my Son In Reality and I am a very happy girl.

With Love,
MU (Maternal Unit)


  1. OMG, I'm in tears. That was so absolutely lovely! Who would have thought it would be SIR being the romantic. Litter Cuter is so blessed to have him as her husband. He's so amazingly wonderful.

    And this is just the start of the memories. Just think... there are going to be a lot more!

    Here's to SIR and his bride!

    Megan xxx

    1. OMG, can I not spell today?! I meant to say Little Cuter. Ugh!

  2. He is perfect, Megan, and she knows it and so do we!


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