Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ten Days and Counting

The monsoon is drenching half of Tucson today. The other half is dry as a bone. I got my hair cut in the sunshine and drove to PT through torrential rains. Accuweather's extended outlook promises dry and sunny for the wedding day; that's all I care about. 
Little Cuter admonished me this morning – "Don't get frantic, Mom!"  

I think I will print that email and save it for her... and her daughter... when the roles are reversed.
G'ma vacillates between wanting a new dress and feeling comfortable shopping in her own closet. Big Cuter, the officiant, needs vestments.... which I, apparently, promised to create for him. TBG promises that he's been thinking about what to wear, but he hasn't made any decisions. I just have to put the rhinestone bling on the tips of my pink Converse and look for a hair ornament for the bride.

These are manageable tasks. It's nice that the planning becomes easier as the day comes closer.
My sister is worrying about getting to her car in the dark at the end of the evening. She and my nephew were confronted by javalinas when they were last here, years ago, and she's not looking forward to repeating the experience. No, there is no valet parking.... this is Tucson, not New Jersey. I promised that someone would go and get the vehicle for her.

This is a problem that I can solve. She better not come up with anything bigger.... though I have a feeling she'll try.
We've established the final guest list and have a solid head count for the catering and the seating. The flowers have been ordered and tweaked to reflect the bouquets and the allergies and the colors which have impinged on the planning. SIR is in charge of the beverages, Jesse the hairdresser has the whole day blocked off, Patty is set up to help the servers in the kitchen and serve as the keeper of the Master Agenda.

I'm beginning to believe that this will happen.
What is left? I am still dancing the anti-rain dance and worrying every morning, noon, and night. I am taking no chances. Feel free to participate in the “It Will Not Rain on September 22nd” experience in whatever way feels comfortable to you. Elizibeth and her steady hand will help with the personalizations of the gift bag goodies this weekend, as we stuff them with the treats sent by MOTG and Big Bob.  The paraphernalia is gathered; assembly is required. This is the fun part..... finally!

Manicures and pedicures and massages and golf games must be arranged; who and when and where must still be determined. Final yard touch up is scheduled for Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. My containers are enjoying the extra irrigation provided by Mother Nature; I only have two or three plants which bear replacing. The garage is cleared and cleaned and TBG couldn't be happier.  In fact, the entire manse is looking pretty damn fine, if I do say so myself..... and I do.
I'm starting to enjoy the process.... that's a place I never thought I'd find. As Little Cuter wisely mused last week, at this late date anything that's not done isn't getting done so why worry about it at all?

She's right, of course, and my intention is to follow that advice.  

Just one thing, kiddo: I'm still obsessing about the weather.  I can't help myself.


  1. AB, I'm sure the weather will be fine. Don't worry. :)

    There's nothing like having a shindig to get the house in order. I love how clean and orderly my house is when we are having people over. It doesn't stay that way long, but at Christmas, I even took pictures of my house all clean and pretty. The floors cleaned, the shiny Corian countertops. Think I should pull that picture out as a reminder of how I want my house to really be.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rhinestones on the Chucks.

    I'm praying to the rain gods for you too.

    Megan xxx

  2. I love the Chucks as well. When you do post pictures, please get a picture of the rhinestones, that is something we want to see. September 22 is pretty late for the monsoons. This will be a great wedding, enjoy!

  3. Of course I will post my bling! Thanks for the love, ladies!

  4. Oh ma.... You loony toon... If I'm not frantic you shouldn't be either! There will be booze and food and smiles and love. That's all we need :)

  5. You can control the weather.


    You will have a lovely if warm day for your wedding.


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