Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Final Touches

I thought I was done.  Really, I did.  Then, I woke up.

The painter came to touch up the back doors; why did we notice their deteriorating state last week and not last month?  Patty came to clean and polish and change sheets and smile at me; her calm demeanor helps .... a lot.  Little Cuter and SIR are adding to the Wedding Weekend Timeline and, when I asked when something was happening I was referred back to that document in no uncertain terms.  The girl is organized and I had better get with the program.

That's okay, I didn't mind being chastised.  She did it with dignity and aplomb.... kinda.  PLEASE REFER TO WEDDING TIMELINE WOMAN! was the final line of her email. I love it when she refers to me as WOMAN! (it always has an exclamation mark).  I know that the answer will be obvious and that I've missed something that was right in front of my face and that she is smiling as she shakes her head and wonders how I managed to survive the last 60 years with such poor observational skills.

My fingernails are painted, but my toes will have to wait until the morrow.  TBG wanted to escape to the gym so I came back to babysit the painter.  That gave me a chance to find out from Patty that we need Ajax and 409 and dish soap and so it's off to the grocery store I go, once again, to fill the larder with basic supplies.  My head has been awash with white satin bows and wired ribbons; the basics didn't make the cut for space in my brain.

I have to remember to aggregate the vases for the centerpieces and drop them off at the florist.  I have to lay out G'ma's clothes for the weekend and make sure that the pod-castle staff has the timeline, too.  Jesse will blow out her newly styled hair right before the family photos are taken.  After that, she'll be looked after by the various family members who've traveled to Tucson to share the love. 

Luckily, there are a lot of them. 

JannyLou and Fast Eddie are turning their house into a Wedding B&B for us; Patty will be busy changing sheets before and after our event.  We've been having a good time organizing the arrangements; foam memory pads and guest beds must be assigned and it was all going smoothly until we couldn't decide if Shawn is a boy or a girl.  The planning devolved into hysterical laughter; it's still on the list of things to be done.

Last week, G'ma watched as JannyLou and I made asparagus soup.  The plan was to freeze it and see how it tasted/if it separated/if we wanted to create gallons of it for the brunch on Sunday.  That was a fine plan, had I remembered to defrost the damn thing.  It's sitting on the counter right now, thawing its little heart out.  I don't know if we'll have time to make more before the wedding; it may just be a dinner accompaniment for TBG and me tomorrow night. 

Not all plans end in success.

There are welcome bags to be delivered and a hair accessory to be purchased and then, I think, I'm done. 

Of course, that might all change when I wake up tomorrow.

Weddingville is a busy place right now.


  1. Take deep breaths.... find a happy place and relax. What doesn't get done, doesn't get done. I'm sure all of the important things are already done. I was so organized for my wedding that my soon to be husband asked me at the altar in a whisper if I was drunk. He couldn't believe how relaxed I was. It's totally not me either. Normally, I would be fretting about something. But on my wedding day, I just took it all in stride. That's the way it should be. Little Cuter sounds like she's going with the flow. Take your cue from her.

    Sending hugs.

    Megan xxx

  2. "Not all plans end in success" - I love that! So true, and there are ALWAYS options. You, and everyone involved in this wedding, are going to ENJOY it and the whole weekend so much! Your anti-rain dance must be working since I'm not seeing rain in the forecast. Sending many happy thoughts your way.

  3. I was living in caps lock that day. And really have been all month :)


  4. Good luck with the wedding. It sounds like you all have done the prep work and the fun is what lies ahead. it should be a beautiful wedding.

  5. I burst into random laughter on my way to Pilates this afternoon. SO MUCH LOVE.... I'm living in CAPS, too :)

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