Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Thoughts - The Wedding Edition

Daddooooo always said "By definition, all brides are beautiful."  Ours was no exception.  Her J Crew couture was simple and elegant and comfortable... right down to the side seam pockets in which she placed her hands midway through the ceremony.

There's a sentence I never thought I'd type: She put her hands in the pockets of her wedding dress.

Why does that make me smile?
We rented the tables and the linens and the lighting.... the lighting which I was sad to see being packed up and taken away.  There were hanging globes with LED votive lights inside, twinkling lights dangling from the lower limbs of the palo verde under which the guests were gathered. 

Ludwig from Frostings told me where to get them and you know that the next time you drop in for cocktails or a late night swim they will be there to greet you.

My house never looked lovelier.
Little Cuter and I agreed on "the look" early on in the planning.  Saturday night we were living the dream.  It was home. It was elegant. It was casual. It was yellow. There were fairy lights sprinkled in the pool and in the trees and on a trellis and it was magical.

The first quarter moon announced the beginning of Fall behind random wisps of clouds. Tucson is a dark skies city; the stars were dancing right there, over our heads, as we boogied down below.
We danced to the music until the sheriff showed up.

Yes, denizens, Little Cuter had the second party in her life where the cops were called.  Apparently, there's a 10pm noise ordinance in Pima County and our loud speakers were disturbing the peace of people who lived two neighborhoods over.  The sheriff and I heard each other perfectly, standing in the front courtyard.  The music was inaudible to us.... but not to crotchety neighbors, it seemed.

I was willing to pay a fine, but when he told me that jail time was involved if he had to come back I broke the news to the bride and groom and the DJ (and shouldn't he have known about this? I'm just sayin.....).  A grimace, a tear, and then the kids continued the merriment, somewhat less raucously but still filled with glee. We sang, we talked, we laughed and the last guests left the party at 3:45am.

Every wedding has something.... who else has the law?
I will post pictures the moment they are available.  For now, I'll leave you with the wedding announcement (names redacted to protect the blog-onymous) which will run in the newspapers of everyplace we've ever lived:
Ashleigh & TBG and MOTG & Big Bob announce with joy the marriage of their children, Little Cuter and SIR, on September 22, 2012.  At the home of the bride's parents, in Tucson, Arizona, our families were united at sunset and under the stars, not so quietly. The happy couple and Thomas the Wonder Dog will make their home in Aurora, Illinois.  


  1. Holey moley! I didn't even know jCrew had wedding dresses. Just looked at them and they are gorgeous and really affordable.

    What fuddy duddy people to call the cops. Every year our British Indian (neighbor) friends have a holiday party. It's amazing and every year, the immediate next door neighbor calls the cops. They even tell him and everyone else in the neighborhood about it ahead of time and invite everyone, but this crotchety old man calls the cops anyway. He's such a jerk.

    I'm glad the party was able to continue.

    You can tell we are all waiting with bated breath the arrival of some pixs. If not least the rhinestone Chucks. ;)

    Have a relaxing weekend.

    Megan xxx

  2. For some reason, the law showing up seems like a perfect twist to this fairy-tale. That will be the cause of lots of laughter in the future, I'll bet.


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