Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall is in the Air

The phone rings and TBG jumps up.  "I'll get it," is out of his mouth as his feet hit the floor.  It's Big Cuter.  There must've been an amazing play.With The Red Zone automatically presenting the most fascinating sequences from all the games currently being contested, there is little if any down time.  There's always something to watch. 

I used to enjoy sitting on Douglas with TBG, the game a droning hum of testosterone until the fans erupted and I could look up from my book or my crossword puzzle or my Sudoku and enjoy the replay.  We could chat during commercials, or as the refs were reviewing the play; I was part of the experience.

Now, when there is always something wonderful to see; when the screen is split into three or four segments, when the announcers direct your eyes to the upper right corner, there is little time for wifely chatter.  I'm welcome to stay..... if I want to watch.

September 9, 2012   2pm
Hence, I am in the library, watching the clouds amass over the mountains,and typing to you. 

I can watch a football game, as I proved last night.  The unranked UofA Wildcats defeated Oklahoma State's #16 or #18 Cowboys...

Google is just as confused as I am.  These are the first two links that popped up when TBG and I couldn't remember ....

SB Nation‎ - 14 hours ago
Bleacher Report‎ - 14 hours ago
Such is the lot of the woman who enjoys but is not obsessed with football.  Even the facts are elusive.
But, back to last night.  I had the Kindle and the puzzle and a book I'm supposed to be reading and reviewing for BlogHer.  There was a ready to be enjoyed peach cooling off in the fridge's fruit bin and some Baskin Robbins chocolate chip ice cream if I happened to feel the need to indulge myself.  We'd had a lovely dinner with fellow Cornellians and the evening stretched ahead, invitingly relaxed and filled with lots of time to do all the things I had planned for myself as I sat beside my sweetie and let my mind wander.
The Wildcats were down two touchdowns in the opening minutes and I was relieved; it would be a blow out, I wouldn't have to worry about the outcome, I wouldn't be distracted by the game.  Then, our home team woke up.
With a final score closer to a basketball than a football ending, there was a lot of action to watch.  Last week, the local paper ran an article castigating the student body for leaving at halftime; keggers are more fun than the games have been of late.  Last night, the Zona Zoo was packed til the final tick of the clock.... and then the quarterback and half the team ran to the band and led the victory song.
No one wanted it to end.  We were hooting and hollering and high-fiving and I got nothing done.  It was 11:30 when the last interviews were over and we were no where near ready to sleep. 
Yes, we are fair weather fans. Without a real home team, we allow ourselves to be fickle.  When there's a loss, we assuage our hearts by assuring them that we really don't care.  In fact, I really don't care.... except when there's an interception and the ball is recovered and run into our end zone for the third time by the kid who went to high school up the road from here.
Fall is in the air..... I'm going to have to adjust my viewing patterns appropriately.


  1. I'm sitting here chuckling because that's how our day was yesterday. It was opening day in the NFL. When the game is on, I get this look if I even start to chatter and it's not a commercial. Meanwhile, I can watch/listen to the game while doing other stuff--like reading mail or looking at a magazine. Hubby cannot do that. He was so happy when our three year-old said, "Daddy, I watch pootball with you". You should have seen the proud look on his face. Then they proceeded to throw a soft football back and forth. Little Man wasn't able to catch it, but he was really happy his daddy was playing pootball with him. For some reason, "Fs" all start with a P.

    Love fall and football season. :)

    Happy Monday.

    Megan xxx

  2. TBG had a big smile on his nodding face as I read him this comment, Megan. You are raising a good Little Man who can come and watch pootball here anytime. :)


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