Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Something New in the Universe

It's not a urinal, although the comparison struck me as I posted the picture.
It's my new contact delivery system.  It made me very happy when I peeled back the lid.

Every other package I've ever opened, regardless of the manufacturer, has presented the contact floating in a round bowl.  In order to get it out, I had to pour the contents into my open palm to retrieve the contact, or scrape the finger holding the contact along the side of the bowl, trying not to break it or scratch it with my fingernail as my knuckle bent to lift it out.

But when I opened my new prescription in the new, water filled, 30 day continuous wear configuration,
I discovered that not only were the contacts themselves cutting edge technology, but the container itself had been updated.

I slid my finger into the concavity of the contact and slid it out effortlessly.  I didn't pause to be sure I wasn't cutting it with my nail or the edge.  It was on my finger and out of the package without angst.

In a world where customer satisfaction is all too often  sacrificed for ease of production and corporate profits, it's nice to see that someone is paying attention to the person who uses the product.

It's also nice to see something that I took for granted being looked at with a fresh eye.  I wonder if it was one of Temple Grandin's Clever Engineers who thought it up.  It's so obvious.


  1. Sometimes new and improved really is!

    1. Thanks for appreciating this; I laughed at myself for thinking this was worthy of writing about.


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