Monday, March 27, 2023

March Madness

The madness has turned to sadness.

I have no teams left.  Princeton beating Arizona was not something I could have predicted, but it didn't matter because Alabama was out in the early rounds, too.

I was doing pretty well in the early rounds, and my picks of Furman and Creighton and Texas took me into the later rounds, but now, I'm toast.

ESPN had more than 20 million participants in their March Madness pool. I've been in the upper 90%'s since the beginning:

99.6% of the 20 million plus people who were playing were doing worse than I was.  Big Cuter encouraged me to revel, and I did. A woman at Pilates asked how much I was going to win.  Bragging Rights was my answer, and it feels like enough.

At one point I was in the top 122 thousand entrants.

I spent some time with that number. I stalked the Leader Board.  The top participants felt like my friends.  

And now, I can have a rooting interest in some of the players and some of the coaches, but I'm not invested in the event any more.  I'll watch but I won't care.

For a while, I was on top.... and it felt great.


  1. We are in the same boat. Every school we have gone to or taught at has been beaten. But a former IU basketball manager under Knight is now the coach of Florida Atlantic, so we will root for them. It's not the same, though.

    1. That's a good career move for the IU manager.... but you're right, it's not the same.

  2. With Gonzaga out, I've lost all interest and I was never invested like you were. I was watching my soccer team while Gonzaga was so soundly beaten. We won.


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