Monday, March 13, 2023

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Random Thoughts

TBG took me out to breakfast at Cryin' Onion, where the thinner-than-a-crepe-but-it's-still-a-pancake filled with blueberries drooped over the edges of the big, round plate.  

Fresh squeezed orange juice and an efficient and engaging server made up for the 10 minutes we'd spent sitting in a booth at IHOP, untended and feeling unwanted as the staff walked past, studiously avoiding our eyes, until we left, my hopes for their *NEW* BERRY TOPPED CREPES dashed.  

But the sun was out and the highway was the best way to get there and we zoomed south a couple of exits for what was, I am certain, a much better version.
The sunny day tempted me to work on the weeds in the front yard.  

I pulled, I sprayed (a little - there are really too many at this point to try any other way).  I pulled some more.  

The bluebells are lovely.  Everything else is truly a weed - the wrong plant in the wrong place.
I showered off the gardening and donned athletic attire - shorts and a tee shirt that I bought specifically for myself.  

It's rare that I buy those things; I'm still wearing hand me down shorts from Big Cuter (before his growth spurt). TBG continues to donate to my collection of comfortably over-sized tees.  

It felt like more than changing my clothes.  It felt like donning attire.
Christina's path was filled with enough bicyclists and walkers to keep me company from a distance.  It's hardly a dangerous space, but neither was a grocery store on a Saturday morning.  I pay attention more these days.

TBG is thankful for my vigilance, which costs me nothing and is, no doubt, to my benefit.  

Plus, his concern feels like a giant hug.
The Bracketology for March Madness was announced at 3pm, by which time I'd showered (again) and joined TBG in front of the television.

Arizona's playing Princeton in the first round.  I'm sure there will be more on this, but today that's all I really cared about.
Veggies and marinated meat on the bbq for an early dinner, a 1950's sci-fi epic on the tube, with three or four other oldies-but-goodies ready for our viewing pleasure as soon as I finish typing to you..... life is good.


  1. You are so fortunate to not lose an hour like we did here in California. Of course, our weather has been such that I don't mind losing an hour of that. We had a very loud thunderstorm at 6 pm. More rain scheduled for Tuesday.

    1. Your weather has been so strange.... climate change, anyone??...and the Central Valley is about to be hit again.. We don't need any more hours of sunshine :-)


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