Thursday, March 30, 2023

Advancing the Narrative

Another School Shooting

What does it say about us that we cannot keep our children safe? We have failed as a society.

Bill Hileman
Northwest side

Watching the news, tears in his eyes, my husband looked at me and said that. Then he said it again. The third time he said that we are a failed society I typed the words into the Letters to the Editor form at the Arizona Daily Star's website and clicked Send.

I didn't ask if he minded my using his name.  We have unity of person when it comes to things like this.  

His letter was published in Wednesday's edition of the paper; I shared it with him before breakfast, explaining that my name is synonymous with gun safety here in Tucson and I wanted to amplify the message by having someone else say what was in my heart.

That's fine.  I'm glad to be the pumpernickel to your white bread.

Feel free to copy his words and be the pumpernickel in your local paper, too.


  1. Good for you both. Sending a hug. xoxo

  2. Someone on Facebook published a list of all of the schools and universities where shootings have occurred over the last decade of more. The list went on and on. It was shocking, Why are we helpless to stop this?

  3. And there will be another one tomorrow or the day after. We are a failed society for sure. Six more people dead, and for what? My heart hurts.


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