Friday, January 27, 2023

There Is Snow

There's snow on the mountain outside my window.

I drove behind a car covered in fluffy white snowflakes yesterday.  I am certain that the driver, who took the time to meticulously remove every offending flake from his front and back and side windows, was much less pleased with the situation than I was.  

It was a little bit of winter.... real winter.... boots and mittens and rosy red cheeks winter...snow angel winter. 

I was living in Tucson winter... Winter Lite, as it were.  I had thick socks and long tights and a few tops and sweaters on before I left the house.  There were more over-garments on the front seat of my car.  

The thermometer on The UV read 41.  I turned my heated seat to the highest setting and waited, impatiently, for the climate control system to remember that there was a heater in there, too.  

I laughed as I realized at least I don't need gloves.  .

There's a reason I live here


  1. Nice to see snow in someone else's pictures.

  2. Yep, Winter Lite. But 41 is cold anywhere, here in the temperate PNW too.

    1. In Marin, I'd have had a parka and gloves for sure!


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