Friday, July 29, 2022

Their Wedding

We're traveling, leaving before the crack of dawn and changing planes in Denver.

Wearing masks for hours because everyone has gotten COVID and we have not.

Going from LaGuardia to Brooklyn during rush hour; listening, no doubt, to TBG extoll the virtues of living anyplace other than New York City.

But once we arrive at the hotel, the adventure begins.  We will set out on a pilgrimage.  Pizza;  pastrami on real rye bread; and bagels - all those foods that New York City's exceptional water make so much better will be sought out and consumed.  

My special undergarment will be sorely taxed to keep all that deliciousness from popping my close fitting dress out to when are you due proportions. 

And I won't care.  

I'll be surrounded by love and chaos and people I ought to see much more often than I do.  There will be fine dining and excellent clothing, fascinating conversations and ridiculous situations.  There is potential for awkwardness bordering on hostility, but mostly, there will be love.

It's a wedding after all.


  1. What an exciting time... and there is no place like New York to find excitement.

  2. Enjoy it all, even the tight fitting dress. Right now that does sound awful to me, but then I don't have the love you'll share to keep you happy.

    1. Actually, the elastic-hold-my-belly-panties were super comfy!


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