Thursday, July 14, 2022

A Mid-Day Margarita

There was a time when I could drink in the afternoon.

After receiving our masters' degrees, my fellow graduates and I spent a bleary afternoon and evening together, drinking all the champagne that the caterers had abandoned at the official reception.  The festivities included no naps.

On vacation, a beer in the afternoon was a prelude to the forthcoming activities, if not an integral part of them.  I don't remember being energetically impaired.

Today, TBG and I drove just west of downtown so that he could eat the best hamburger ever.  It was 3pm.  He had an late breakfast, I had a small late morning snack.  We were both hungry. Was it lunch?  Dinner?  Lunner?  Linch? 

It didn't matter.  It was, he agreed, the best hamburger ever.  

It was also huge.  

I also ordered a margarita.

Perhaps I'm just a lightweight, but there was a lot more tequila and a lot less margarita in the glass before me.  I tried my level best, but I could only get half way through it.  I left a few bites of burger, too.

I managed to stay awake during the 10 minute drive home.  I changed into comfy clothes and joined TBG in front of MSNBC.  He began snoring immediately.  I caught myself before I drifted off and came in to type to you.... and this is all I can think about.

Not Giblet's 4th birthday.  Not Niece's upcoming wedding.  Not my garden.  I'm overwhelmed by drooping eyelids and slow fingers.  I'm going to join my husband for what has now become an early evening snooze.  

I'm going to remember this next time I'm tempted to drink when I plan to stay awake.  It just aint' happenin' anymore.


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