Monday, August 1, 2022

Their Wedding (part 2)

They were aware of all the potential drama but were not dissuaded from making a public statement of their devotion.  

They are kind and thoughtful and respectful  - coming to the other's aid when the chaos comes too close.  They see what they don't want to repeat, but that's not what you see when you look at them.  What they exude, from every pore, is love.  

Not the overwhelming, touchy-touchy, lovey-dovey, somewhat nauseating displays of affection that make me cringe, but resting a hand on an arm or a leg, unconsciously, just trying to be closer, positions that say confidence in the relationship, warmth from the relationship, comfort and safety and stability and joy and surprise at having found someone she actually wants to marry.

TBG and I spent a long, lazy, lovely afternoon with them here in Tucson; our delight in their relationship has only grown.  

It's that surprise that makes me happiest.  She was never going to marry.  She was never going to have a wedding.  She was never going to be a parent.  Well...... surprise!!!  She is as delighted as we are at this change of heart.  The love flows through her, palpably.  She glows the way a pregnant woman glows and, in a way, that's appropriate.

She's birthing a new person, one whose life is now entwined with a person she's chosen, and who has chosen her in return.  It agrees with her.

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