Wednesday, July 6, 2022

What A Morning

My Yogi is taking the week off, so I could sleep in instead of setting the alarm for outdoor yoga this morning.   TBG kissed me goodbye before he left for spin class, and I rolled over for another hour or so.  

That was the last unencumbered moment I had.

When I really woke up, I reached for my phone to see what was on my calendar for today.  The phone wasn't on my nightstand.  It wasn't on my bathroom counter (often forgotten there when I'm getting ready for bed) nor on the library desk nor the pull out tray for the keyboard (another favorite hiding place).  It wasn't plugged in in the kitchen, it wasn't in my purse, and it wasn't on any visible countertop.

The search was on.

I called the thing, but it went straight to voice mail without ringing even once.  From past experience, I knew that meant the battery was dead.  Ever hopeful, I called Big Cuter, interrupting a business meeting (I do love him working from home and multi-tasking his mother's pleas and his bosses queries in real time) to ask him if the Location Finder he has for me on his phone will work if my phone has no juice.  No, sorry, Mom... did you lose your phone?

Thwarted, I called Albertson's, which was the last place I remembered having it (clipping digital coupons while shopping is not my favorite thing to do but eggs were $1.99/dozen with the coupon so.....).  No one had turned it in.

Now my search became frantic.  I felt beneath pillows.  I look under furniture, I opened drawers and cabinets, retracing the chores I'd done yesterday (a lot of them), searching for the places I've found the device in the past - on a random closet shelf, on top of the washing machine, hidden under miscellaneous crap on various counters.  But there's not much clutter since I've been working on keeping the piles in check; the phone was no where to be found.

My car underwent a similar cleansing - trunk, under seats, between seats and consoles and doors, in every compartment - with the same results.  I went back in the house and began all over again, carefully checking each and every room and closet and drawer.  It was all to no avail.  I went on line and made an appointment at the Verizon store for 1pm.

TBG came home a few minutes later.  My face told him that I was upset, my words led to one statement - it's in the house, because you looked up something for me last night, right here on the couch.  

Feeling a lot better, knowing that I hadn't dropped it while loading the groceries on my last excursion, I stopped hyperventilating and got back down on my knees to look, for the third time, under the couch and behind the pillows and between the cushions.  TBG looked between the armrest and the end table, moved my portable laptop desk, and there it was - just waiting for me to figure out that it had fallen when I picked up the crocheting I'd plopped on top of it.

Much hugging and laughing ensued.  I raced to meet Taos Bubbe for lunch (only 8 minutes late) and tried to call her to let her know I'd be delayed.  The phone rang her number and she didn't answer.  I hung up, at least I thought I did, but it kept ringing.  I kept hanging up and it kept ringing and then she answered and we talked over the rings and then I turned the whole thing off and started again.

With a no longer ringing telephone, I picked her up and began to drive to lunch..... going perpendicular to our destination until I came to a traffic light that was no where near where we wanted to go.  I went the long way around (rather than making a u-turn and, no doubt, finding a police cruiser on my tail because it was just that kind of a day) and we sat inside and declined to share a bottle of wine at 11:30am, even though it was a 1/2 price Tuesday.

The chicken salad sandwich (with fries, because my soul deserved them) and the conversation took the angst out of my day, for the most part.  But I'm keeping my phone in plain sight from now on.  This was not a morning I care to repeat.


  1. Yes, that's the worst, searching until you are getting frantic. Glad you found it.

  2. At least you didn't leave the phone n your pants pocket and throw the pants immediately in the washer upon returning home. Terry has always "inherited" my old phone but alas, we both needed new phones when that debacle occurred in our household.

    1. I did that the night before I moved G'ma to Tucson from NJ. I, too, needed a new phone asap.


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