Monday, July 18, 2022

Jagger Pants

FlapJilly is a voracious reader.  Her library card is a cherished possession.  Barnes and Noble gift cards make her swoon.  Little Cuter turns off her light and removes the books from her bed after she's fallen asleep; she can't bring herself to say "Stop reading, it's late!"

Graphic novels and chapter books.  Dog Man - a man/beast combo - replaced the unicorn princess books which followed the other, easier to read ones, until she hit her stride.  In a switch that brought a smile to my face and my brain, she picked up one of her mother's favorite series - The Baby Sitters Club.

The books I bought Little Cuter in Barnes and Noble in Corte Madera, all the way in the back of the store, were pink.  Now they are much more than that.  They are full color graphic novels.  

Because the kid is an avid reader, I'm not fretting too much over the need to turn literature into a comic book.  I've always been of the opinion that as long as they are reading, I don't care what it is.  .FlapJilly has proven that she can plow through dense pages.  Still......

All my worries disappeared when FlapJilly told me about Jagger Pants.  

Mick Jagger and his pants appeared in my granddaughter's book.  The pants we called Bell Bottoms are now eponymous with the Rolling Stones lead singer.  Everyone with whom I share this delightful bit of trivia laughs.  

And so, when Taos Bubbe and I walked into H&M and bumped into this table inside the front door

there was no doubt that I would be sending a pair to my granddaughter.

Yes, there was a matching top.

Yes, if they fit I'll go back and get the black and the grey ones, too.

Yes, she will be thrilled.

I wonder if Mick knows just how special he still is.


  1. I always believed that as long as my boys were reading it didn't matter what it was too. There was the time when ALL they were reading was the magazines about baseball cards - but they learned a lot of math too (all those stats!) and I taught them about sending a SASE along with the baseball card they wanted someone to sign. Now as grown men they have more bookcases in their homes than I do and can always find gems they "need" in thrift stores. Good for you with the bell bottoms for FlapJilly!


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