Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Butterflies are Back

Taos Bubbe and I went to the Tucson Botanical Garden last Friday.  She's new to town and I've made it my business to show her the sights.  These gardens are just the right size for the two hours allotted to our tickets purchased in advance, wear a mask inside visit.  We were greeted by painted horses, commemorating Tucson.  We are definitely house proud.

We admired the plant on the way to breakfast at Edna's Cafe, where our serverbrought the garden and citrus salad in a plastic martini shaker.  It was a delightful and semi-ridiculous presentation.
After breakfast, it was time for the Butterfly Exhibit.  
They hide in plain sight.
Did you notice these below in the photo above?  
How about this one:
The glasswork is as beautiful as the butterflies munching on oranges and bananas with their front feelers.
We admired them for as long as we could stand the humidity beneath our masks, then walked to the exit (a 2 stage process - through one door, check to be sure no butterflies were clinging to our clothes, the out the 2nd door) accompanied by this saucy wench:
She liked it so much she brought her family back over the weekend.
The server told her that the martini shaker salad is no more - the top flew off once.... and that was it.


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