Monday, October 4, 2021

Autumn.... Or Do You Say Fall?

Every time I feel the change, my brain goes to Nat King Cole.  I find myself humming along to a strange mental mix of the smoothest voice ever and the Halloween and Thanksgiving songs The Cuters learned in pre-school.

My brain is a strange place to be, most times.


We all noticed it on the same day, those of us who've lived here for a while.  The Pilates Diva felt it on her early morning dog walk.  Amster came into the restaurant's patio smiling about it.  TBG and I felt it, separately, when we went out to swim.

No one can tell me that there aren't distinct seasons in the desert.  The changes are subtle, but they are real.  The air is no longer incinerator hot.  The monsoon clouds no longer lower in the afternoon.  The air is easier to breathe.

It's Fall.... or do you say Autumn?


The pink silk flowers on the dining room table feel out of place.  It's time to get the orange and yellow and brown out.  

It's hard to do that when I'm swimming in the morning and wearing a tank top and shorts in the afternoon.  I'm reminded of sitting with G'ma on Christmas Day and trying to convince her that it was, in fact, December.  

It can't be.  That woman is wearing a short sleeve shirt.... and so am I.


October is the month for organizing The Brownie List.  Lous deJoy (why is he still there???) is putting a damper on my holiday spirits - every package I (or you) send between today and December 26th will incur a seventy-five cent surcharge.

I wouldn't care that much if The List weren't so long.

Sigh..... what a burden.... so many people to love..........

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