Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Cause and Effect?

Once Daddooooo put away the sleds in the crawl space behind the laundry room, it was sure to snow in the next day or two.

Once, he waited until May.  It made no difference.  The whole family laughed about it.  The whole family knows what I type is true.

Along those same lines, if I get my car washed a microburst is sure to leave raindrops on my formerly pristine and shiny surface.

I ordered a new hose, a fabric, extends to a zillions times its unfilled length, comes with two separate nozzles replacement for the too short though otherwise similar version I purchased last week.  It arrived today.  I was going out to use it for the first time when I looked up and saw gathering clouds.

Didn't I post about the clouds no longer appearing in the Autumn sky.... like, yesterday?  My joints are achy and it's getting darker as I type.  It will rain, for sure.

Of course, if I depend on it raining and don't water the sweet acacia, then no drops will fall from the heavens and the tree will suffer.  I don't know how this particular version of karmic energy functions, but it is a familiar scenario around me.

I'm going to ignore the clouds and go outside to play with my new toy (yes, a hose is a toy for a gardener). If it rains, it rains.


  1. I do understand that a hose is a toy. :-)
    It's chilly and raining here in Seattle today. It seems that when Autumn arrived here, she wanted to make her presence known. No Indian summer so far.

    1. A young friend is a traveling nurse who just finished a stint in Seattle - she loved it. Rainy is kind of the de facto situation there, though, isn't it?


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