Monday, October 11, 2021

Going on Vacation

We traveled everywhere with them - Puerto Vallarta and Palm Springs and Marin and Los Angeles and Laguna and La Jolla among others.  First with our 2 and then all 4 of our children, spaced bracketing each other so everyone got along, we ate and swam and laughed.

Mostly, we laughed.

They're world travelers hemmed in by Covid.  In an all too familiar story, they are flying only to visit their children and grandchildren.  Next week, though, they are venturing to Scottsdale, Arizona for a week of golf and sunshine and having someone else make the bed.  

We're driving up today and coming back tomorrow.  It's because of this trip that TBG and I got our booster shots.  We'll do a rapid test before we leave the house, and be sure our friends are disease free (at least as far as can be detected this way) too.  

After that, we're going to pretend that it's The Before Times.   

I'll take pictures and have stories to tell, I'm sure.  I'm taking tonight off from posting, just so that it feels like a real vacation.  I'll be back on Wednesday.


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