Thursday, December 10, 2020

Virtual Garden Club

It's much easier to talk about gardening when you are in the garden.  This is a fact which smacks me in the face every Wednesday morning at 9am, as I look at little boxes filled with faces on my computer screen.

I wanted them to feel the sturdiness of the rose blossom as it's nestled in its pre-bloom cocoon
Mrs. E was an excellent helper with her cursor, since we couldn't get mine to work.  She pointed out the spiky leaves that covered the impending bloom, first when they were in protection mode (above) and then as they opened up to allow the flower to reveal its beauty.
Moving on to another rose bush, we watched the petals unfold.

We talked about stamens and pistils and the pollen that sticks to the birds' beaks and goes on to pollnate the next tasty treat.
We talked about rosehips, and the energy that's stored within.  
We discussed making tea from the spent blossom's remains.  We talked about the energy stored in the rosehips being conserved for the following year's blooming season  

There were yawns (I was among them) and there were questions and then we were done.  40 minutes of talking and sharing and staring.  It's not the same as being there, but it helps.

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