Monday, December 7, 2020


The Brownie List grows and shrinks as children move out on their own and older relatives move on to .... wherever you want to imagine them.  At this time of year, and especially this year, all wishes and fantasies should be indulged.

It was in that spirit that I turned from curmudgeonly declaring that I wasn't going to bake this year to recognizing that this year, of all years, was not the time to deprive the recipients of something that brings joy.

I know it brings joy because people tell me so.  

It's not just that the brownies (with or without nuts, depending on allergies and preferences) are delicious; TBG's been telling me that for half a century..  No, it's that they arrive every year, year after year after year.  They are a tradition, over decades and generations now, just enough to remind us that we're connected.

The packaging varies, depending on what's on sale after December 25th.  That's part of the fun.  Once it was tiny melamine bowls with pink and purple hearts painted on the bottom.  More people complimented the bowl than the brownies that year.

So now, my dining room table is awash in supplies and my kitchen is permanently covered with brownie crumbs.  Anything that's not already packaged is fair game for anyone in the house.  There are a lot of smiles around here right now.

I'm sending more smiles out every day.


  1. I had rather come to depend on being the recipient of Christmas goodies in recent years so I hope my family feels as you do.

    1. I worried that people would be reluctant to eat home baked goods, or touch the inner packaging. I decided to let the recipients make their own eating choices, but still, I worry.
      Have I mentioned that I really don't like Covid?????

  2. I started my cookie baking today. No doubling the recipes this year, but I may have a few to give away to some people who have become accustomed to receiving them.

    1. I'm having a much better time than I thought I would. Having no place to go and nothing to do outside the house makes it all a lot easier. Another silver lining to Covid ??

  3. I was actually reading this post yesterday when I got a package notification email from my building!
    Very excited to have traditional brownies for the first night of Hanukah this week!


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