Friday, December 11, 2020

Averting a Disaster - A Snippet

Queen T announced the news with appropriate affect - concern, alarm, but no panic - the small table lamp was smoking.

She'd unplugged it before seeking assistance, reaffirming my son's wisdom in choosing a life partner.  

The smell was awful.  The bulb was melted and so was part of the glass shade.  Big Cuter carried the thing to the backyard, placing it as far from the house as he could.  

We opened windows and turned on ceiling fans and took the HVAC off automatic and pressed its fan ON.   Although the extension cord was a Daddooooo heirloom, wiser minds convinced me to throw it away.  Apparently, these things may not last forever.

We are ever grateful that Queen T was in the library when the table began to smolder.  We are thankful that our house did not ignite.  I feel foolish about some things (apparently everyone in the world except me knew that you shouldn't plug a surge protector into a surge protector to get that little bit of extra length).  

Just another piece of the poop pie that is 2020.


  1. That was a near disaster averted. Poop pie is the best description of 2020 I have heard so far. Most apt.

    1. And there seems to be no end of extra servings of that pie!


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