Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Our Christmas Tree, vol 1

Queen T asked, with dewy eyes and a winsome smile, if we could have a live Christmas tree this year.  She is, as you will soon see, impossible to resist.  After agreeing on one no more than 6' tall, and their putting on the lights and being responsible for filling the base with water every night and checking it a few times every day, I had run out of excuses.

So, this afternoon, we 3 took The Queen's Audi (TQA from now on) two miles south to the place I first bought a tree in Arizona, and which, despite news stories to the contrary, was filled with beautiful, premium trees, priced at their cost plus $5 and any contribution you want to include.

where we bought

Well, only one Noble Fir, a stately, locally grown (or as local as firs can get to the Sonoran Desert), bit of Christmas cheer which the youth group was happy to tie onto QTA (although more unraveling the knotted string than actual tying occurred) 
You want to open the car doors to allow him to tie the tree to the B pillars rather than lowering the window and tying it to the pillar that way  Think about it...... how would you open the door to get in.... or out?

After longer than it had to be but what difference did it make, we'd accomplished our mission
She's in her stand, outside, her branches relaxing after being tied up for the trip to the desert.  It's a cool night, so the shock of moving is somewhat mitigated.  Tomorrow we'll bring her in and adorn her.  Rest assured that you will see a post recording that thrilling event.  I am trying my hardest to stay chipper and upbeat, and this seems to be the best way to get there.



  1. I broke down and got a real tree -- a Norfolk Island pine that will be a regular houseplant when I take the little red ribbons off.

  2. Good job, darling T! They can take many things but WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR JOY! YES YES YES.

  3. We talked about getting a live one, but ultimately took the path of least resistance and put the fake white one up. It's cheerful when the lights are on, the ornaments contrast nicely with the plastic needles. When we lived in Seattle, we always had real trees. It sounds like you're having much cheer with baking, a grand pig and now a tree. Carry on!

  4. We who live in the Evergreen state, have had an artificial tree for years. That way we can have it up for more than a month without it turning brown and brittle. But to each his own, and at this stage in my advanced years, I am learning to let others have their way if they are doing the work.


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