Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Real World Keeps Trying to Intrude

There are health scares all around me.  A Play Group kid is a COVID long hauler.  Fast Eddie is aching from head to fingers.  Dr. K and three other spouses are dealing with medical issues that just won't go away.  I can't even look at the number of Americans who have died under this President's inability to manage the most  basic duty - to preserve and protect.

But I'm bound and determined to stay focused on the sunny side of life until 2021 arrives, so I'm not waxing eloquent on sickness and loss today.  I'm pulling my brain away from DJT's temper tantrum and focusing on the good, like this view from my kitchen table,

 with happy fans yelping from the couch, and this
memory of cocktails on the patio.... with a Navajo healing blanket keeping them warm... and this
giant kiss from our hearts to yours.

It's a challenge, keeping a smile on my face when there is so much suffering.  It's worth the effort.  

And, when all else fails, take a moment and imagine my delight when LiLou devoured a latke..... the enormity of the absurdity turns frowns upside down.


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