Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Pictures, Because I'm Out of Words

 I'm having trouble with words.  I have been scouring my brain for synonyms - joy is being grossly over used.

So I'm sharing pictures today because my brain is on a steady repeat of Happy Happy Joy Joy.  

I'd forgotten what it felt like to smile without the nagging thought of the orange menace in the back of my mind.  Now, I can watch the hummingbird baby and grown up play tag between the crepe myrtles.... and there's nothing nudging me.  Nothing at all.

Firstl, look at this one of Kamala Harris and Ruby Bridges.  We are all the product of those who came before.

And there's this one, which stopped me in my no-longer-doom-scrolling-so-what-should-I-call-it for several minutes.  That's a lot of white men.

And then, there's this, what I saw as I drove home with bagels and the brand new good news plastered on my face.  The road to the future looks brighter, has fewer obstacles, is clearer and more focused than it has in a very very very long time.


  1. Just like you I am very pleased that finally this country has made progress and we’ll have a woman vice-president. But at the same time I am filled with anxiety at the number of people who voted for Trump. If we don’t elect our senators in GA, Biden won’t be able to accomplish much, then the cult like Trump base will be stronger than ever in 4 years.

    1. Hi, Vagabonde!
      I am trying to bind my anxiety about Georgia by writing postcards (see tomorrow's post for details). Those who've drunk the Kool Aid are, I fear, lost to us forever. And that makes me sad, bc I have warm feelings for some of them.


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