Thursday, November 12, 2020

Driving Out The Other Way

I turned left instead of right out of the driveway this afternoon.

I had a quick errand, the temperature was in the 60's, the sun (of course) was out, and I had nothing but returning my library books on the agenda.  

I rolled down the windows (remember when that was a thing, the handle you turned round and round with the silver pleated knob at the end?).

I really looked at my neighborhood. 

New ground covering (pebbles, not prostrate acacia), new paint jobs, new stucco facings.  Driveways have been repaved.  Sculpture has appeared.  

I drive up the street quite often; this was my first trip down the hill in quite a while.  All this shelter in place time has certainly improved the landscaping in my neck of the woods.

I'm so glad I turned left.


  1. I like this post. I think I need to "turn left" more often. Even close by exploring is fun and a nice break from the same old, same old.

  2. I said, when we first shut down, that everyone's yard better look great with all of this time at home, and sure enough, most of the yards look wonderful. I still have a neighbor or two, though, who have not done enough watering, or relandscaping, to make their place look better.


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