Monday, November 9, 2020

It Was A Night For Little Girls

FlapJilly announced with great glee that she was staying up until 8 o'clock.  Her parents have shielded her from much information about the bad orange man, but she's in first grade now and she needs to be informed, so, bedtime be damned.
When Kamala told little girls Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it cannot be the tears streaming down my face got wetter (which I did not think was possible) as I imagined the impact those words might be having on my own little girl, 6 states away.

Her mom caught her clapping at that moment.  
We were together, though only our spirits were aware of it at the time.  
Today, her face nearly exploded through the Facetime video.

Dressed to the nines for Josh's Zoom birthday party, her eyes as wide as they've ever been, she could not contain her joy, delight, surprise, gob-smacked-ness.    

Can you believe it?!? She was talking right to kids!!!!!!!
And, obviously, the kids were listening.

Is it any wonder that our new Vice President's favorite appellation is Mamala?
The 4 year old niece of someone we hold dear (whose own 2 little girls, well trained by social justice warrior parents, were dancing and leaping for joy) drew this picture the morning before the results were declared.  

It's the White House with love inside.
How delightfully prescient she was.



  1. Our grandchildren are the hope for the future.

    1. I totally agree. FlapJilly went up to another pod of girls playing on the playground to tell them that they should stop being mean to her friend, because they weren't being nice, and that was wrong and they shouldn't do that any more. Her mom was more proud of her than ever... and Gramma is still beaming!


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