Thursday, November 19, 2020

I Really Thought I Wrote This Yesterday

I have a clear vision of sitting here, at the desk, finishing the post and scheduling it to publish at midnight on the 19th.

Really, I do.

I asked myself several times during the afternoon whether I had finished my post.  That same vision came clearly to mind.  

There were no sports on tv last night (hallelujah!!) and we watched Josh Gates explore Turkey and Mongolia and I crocheted some on my newest creation and I felt secure, knowing that I'd completed the only task I have left these days - writing to you.

Apparently, I was wrong.

It's weird, sitting here in the early morning, watching the sunlight on the south side of the nandina, brightening one side of the red rose that's going to be open when I write to you (again) this afternoon.  The first wave of migrating birds has gone on their merry way, and the hummingbirds are taking advantage of their absence by dining, gluttonously, on the crepe myrtle berries.  

250,000 cases of COVID.... nope, I'm not going there, at least not at 7:30 on a sunny Thursday morning.  Nope.  The current resident of the White House is throwing a temper tantrum with our future.  I may write about it later.  For now, I'm going to enjoy the sun on the courtyard.

Sorry if you missed me for coffee this morning.  Really, I thought I wrote something last night.


  1. Several people have been writing about senior moments, but I'm going to call it COVID brain.


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