Friday, November 13, 2020


I've been reacting to the temper tantrum being thrown by the current occupant of the White House the way I reacted to my own children's' temper tantrums. But ignoring it is not all there is to do. A friend culled all the ways that you can help Turn The Senate Blue, and I feel the need to pass it along here.

I have sent my $3 where I thought it would do the most good. TBG did the same. I don't answer the GOTV calls myself, so I won't make them. But postcards and letters are fun to do, and I've done lots.

Stay safe this weekend. Wear your mask. Stay home. Write some postcards.


Georgia is hosting elections both in its regularly scheduled Senate race and in a special election for its other Senate seat due to a resignation last year.   Democrat Jon Ossoff will face off against Republican Sen. David Perdue. (Perdue needs to go and keep going) In the Special election, Democrat Raphael Warnock will face off against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler.


Congressional Black Caucus PAC

There are a number of other on-the-ground organizations working to get out the vote (as they did during the general election). If you’re able to donate, some key groups who could use financial support are:
Asian-Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, which is mobilizing voters and protecting voting rights virtually.

Black Voters Matter Fund, which offers virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities.

The New Georgia Project registers and mobilizes young voters from diverse backgrounds.

SisterSong, an Atlanta-based women of color reproductive justice collective, is organizing women of color, trans women, and other marginalized women for these races.


If you want to phone bank these are Daily Kos links Hosted by Jon Ossoff for Senate and Hosted by Warnock for Georgia

Will you make remote phone calls for Democrat Jon Ossoff? Click to sign up.
Will you make remote calls for Democrat Raphael Warnock? Click to sign up.

POSTCARDS-for many you need to buy your own postcards. Cheap on Amazon.

Flip the West - Warnock & Ossoff Runoff Election

Westside Democratic HQ - Warnock & Ossoff Runoff

Grassroots Democrats HQ - Warnock & Ossoff Runoff

Postcards to Voters - Warnock & Ossoff Runoff Election

Georgia Postcarding Project - Warnock & Ossoff Runoff not set up yet-soon

Postcards to Swing States - Warnock & Ossoff Runoff

Vote Forward - Warnock & Ossoff Letter Writing

Sierra Club - Warnock & Ossoff Letter Writing

Write postcards encouraging recent high school grads in GA to register, via the Civics Center:

When future generations ask what you did, now you can tell them!


  1. Thanks for the campaign links. I just donated $25 to each.

    1. Just imagining how a functioning government will feel gives me goose bumps!

  2. Thanks for giving those links, we need all the help we can get. When I was in Atlanta 10 days ago there were constant ads on TV for David Perdue. They were horrible and racist. They even showed an ad against Jon Ossoff with a drawing extending Jon’s nose because he is Jewish – David Perdue is infect. I’m getting my absentee ballot but I’ll drive back from Nashville to Atlanta and bring it as I don’t trust the post office.


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