Thursday, June 18, 2020

And In Today's News

Aunt Jemima is going away.

A 26 year old with a gun and a taser and a partner and a badge kicked a dying man after shooting him in the back.

John Bolton saved the evidence he should have given during the impeachment hearings for a book he's leaking today. 

A friend has Valley Fever, not Covid.... and somehow pneumonia and a hard to treat fungal infection feels like good news.

Trump fans are lining up now before going inside tomorrow night to a masks-optional scream-a-thon.

Johnny Weissmuller is swinging on vines with Jane, as TBG wonders how Tarzan manages to stay clean shaven. 

I'm going to turn on the grill and ponder that last one for a while.


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  2. Two typos made me delete my first 'truth' lol

    The news has something for everyone. Too bad it's different truths. Like the cop where we saw a picture of him looking like he was kicking the man he'd shot. Was it that or was he knocking away the taser the man had grabbed during the struggle to try to arrest him for a DUI? There is also footage of the cop doing CPR and begging the guy not to die. What is truth? A good article by Van Jones put a positive turn to it. His theory is that the reason for the struggle is that a DUI would have sent him back to prison. Jones said the problem is probation and how it keeps people from getting a new start-- as it likely had the victim in the shooting. The article was in CNN if anyone hasn't read it with some good suggestions for changes to help people get a new start when they want one.


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