Friday, June 5, 2020

Is Anybody Paying Attention?

(To the 16 people who read this when it was poorly formatted, please try again!)

I clicked through from the morning newsletter to read this: Stacey Abrams: I Know Voting Feels Inadequate Right Now because I never think that voting feels inadequate.

When I got there, this is what the page looked like:

Stacey Abrams: I Know Voting Feels Inadequate Right Now

And I wondered if anyone paid attention... as I was mildly thinking about Stacey Abrams's breasts....and then I got mad.

I'm trying to assume that ad placement has more to do with size than the article it accompanies.

I'm having a hard time hanging on to that fantasy. I wondered if the same person would have put one of those delightful Duluth Underwear commercials atop Tom Cotton's anti-American screed.

And wondering what Tom Cotton has filling those Buck Naked Briefs might have distracted me from his words.... before I was forced to leave this page and cram my brain with something .... anything... because just put Tom Cotton in place of this guy and see if you can get it out of your head afterwards:


  1. I'm sure you were serious when you posted this, but I'm just laughing.

  2. One more reason to run Adblock software. When I'm forced to pause it for an article, I just marvel at all of the crap I do not see on a daily basis, and it's a good thing.

    1. So much crap! But these ads for Buck Naked underwear are hysterical. None of the men in my life’s seem to want me t shop there for me, but I do enjoy the ads.

    2. For the record Duluth Trading Co has supplied mom's absolute favorite gardening pants, my favorite overalls, and some really excellent lightweight long sleeve hot weather shirts that I wear both in the garden and at work. So the full swamp weather east coast kin are firmly in favor. (90 degrees and humidity in full force today!)


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