Wednesday, June 10, 2020


The weather was perfect here in Tucson, breezy, sunny, mid-80's, not a cloud in the sky.

I had access to all the exercise I needed,  on my own schedule.

I had choices in the fridge for lunch, and I prepped most of tonght's dinner yesterday.

FlapJilly received the letter Grampa and I sent, and we opened it together, on FaceTime, as Giblet put items into and out of a plastic container on the floor behind her.


Georgians are waiting hours to vote.

A friend has a fever and body aches and has to wait days for the results of the Covid test because no one in Tucson seemed to have the results-in-15-minutes kind.

Our President has a new network, OANN, to which I am not linking, nor am I repeating his tweet justifying a grown man pushing an old man to the ground.

George Floyd went to rest in a white, horse drawn carriage.
And.....  when I looked for an image to upload, I had choices from the Hindustan Times and Voice of America and South Africa, where en24News ran the photo I chose. 

I am so ready for tomorrow.


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