Friday, June 26, 2020

Mama, Please.....

FlapJilly is quite proud of the fact that she conducts her entire Getting Ready for Bed Routine independently. Showering (a big step up from a bath), brushing her teeth, putting on lotion.... she's on top of the whole thing.

Mama has to set the water temperature, though, and that's where we went today on our daily FaceTime visit.  Giblet followed us, because he is obsessed with his sister.  While the women in his life worked on adjusting the flow, he climbed the step stool and demonstrated his dexterity with FlapJilly's electric toothbrush over the sink.

It was an adorable background to catching up with our little girl, who's a short order cook for three hungry family members, when she's not being a full-time professional at the University of Notre Dame, a housekeeper, a gardener, or an excellent parent.  

Giblet was wandering around the bathroom as Little Cuter sat on the floor in the hall outside the door and FlapJilly continued to wash every body part thoroughly.  This is not a speedy process.  There are a series of steps which must be followed.  

After a while, Giblet became restless.  His sister had been behind the shower curtain for a looooooong time.  He began to peek.  He was persistent.

And then came a wet face peeling back the curtain, and with it a plea from the big sister:  Mama, could you please keep Giblet entertained for a while?

And we laughed.  

Really, Mama, keep the toddler entertained so I can shower in peace.  


  1. What a fun scene to share with Mom/Grandma.

  2. It's delightful to drop in on their lives every afternoon. It's been a routine since quarantine.


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