Thursday, August 22, 2019

Home Alone, Part 2

Another Excessive Heat Day, another day off from Garden Club.  I miss the kids, but I admit to being delighted to have yet another day all to myself.

Yesterday, I cleaned

  • the oven
  • the built in bbq's innards and underpinnings
  • the lime in the showerhead
  • several loads of laundry which dried outside in the sunshine.
I unloaded and sorted and evaluated and washed 
  • the kitchen drawers - all 14 of them
  • the cabinet under the sink
  • the laundry room drawer
  • the drawers in the bathroom vanity.

I stayed up until midnight, finished my book, locked all the doors, turned off the lights, complimented myself on setting them up so that I was cosseted on my way to my (lonely) bed, and slept.

Today, after Pilates and lunch with Fast Eddie and JannyLou (tomato bisque even though it was over 100 degrees outside) I came home and began binge watching Grace and Frankie.  After 7 episodes, I took a break to create chicken salad.

I plan to spend the rest of the day and evening and night munching and watching and laughing out loud, with no one to hear me.... or to join in.

This being alone stuff has its upsides and its downsides.  


  1. That was a whole lot of cleaning for one day!
    We started watching "Grace and Frankie" in the spring when our regular viewing went into hiatus for the summer. We try to ration ourselves to a maximum of three episodes at a time, but it is hard to turn off. We love it.

    1. Okay, so today I started at 11am, just after my helper bee finished our two hour take everything out of the pantry chore. BIG MISTAKE! The sun is setting and I'm on Seasnn 2, Episode 10. It's AMAZING watching all these actors strut their stuff. Rationing be damned! I'm bingeing!!


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