Thursday, August 1, 2019


I'm sorry, denizens. 

I thought the debates would provide prompts for the rest of the week. 

I couldn't manage to get even one out of two nights of tedium.

Republican talking points?  Few of them turned the question on its head.  Dreaming vs Fantasy vs Pragmatism..... can't we all just get along?

Basically, we are not racists, and we don't think that someone whose words and actions are racist ought to be President of the United States. 

Our elections are at risk and he's blocking action to stave off the attacks.  He loves the guy who's shooting rockets over our allies.  He was friends with Jeffery Epstein.

So, to simplify things and get on with my rant, since they all agree on the basics - access to affordable healthcare and the voting booth - why don't they tell us who they are?  Marianne Williamson wears her heart on her sleeve, perhaps too literally for some.  Mayor Pete speaks about faith.  They reference values to live by, not experiences to be shaped by. 

I'd like to know how they approach problems.  I want to know who they admire.  What are they reading, besides polling data? 

Being President is all about character, when it comes down to the hard decisions and to the simple, everyday tasks.  Who are these people?  Inquiring voters, in this house, anyhow, want to know.  These debates really didn't bring me any closer to an answer.

As the title says, b-o-r-i-n-g.........


  1. I didn't even bother to watch.

  2. I watched most of the first one for a reason. i skipped the second and reading how nasty it got, I am glad I did. We also did something I said we'd never do this go round-- donated during the first one. We did it to get someone, who has sounded reasonable to me, has governed wisely in a blue state, to make it to the next debate-- Steve Bullock. Check his record, look at clips of him speaking and consider donating to him to keep him going. Next debate only lets in those with a certain number of donors and 2% in the polls (I think). He, like any of the dems today, doesn't agree with everything I do but he talks commonsense. The DNC wants a show horse and will do all they can to ruin anyone who isn't. Bullock, coming from Montana, understands environment and how to get along with the other side in a productive way. I think he'd stand up well to Trump in debates. It doesn't or shouldn't take nastiness to win (something too many of the dems seem to be believing it does). I could see myself voting for Bullock. That is not true with the rest of them. Biden doesn't sound up to the job and the rest of the front runners are too nasty for me to take. Seriously, I read this morning that Harris again went after him on busing. That is just nuts as it's not an issue today and years back, it was one of those things tried to make up to blacks for their inferior schools-- cheaper than fixing the schools it appears. And I do know of what i talk as i was an education major where part of it was to spend time in different schools in Portland, same school district, to see the differences in what they were like. The talk of billions in reparations is ----- (put in bad word). Fix their schools would be a start as they still are inferior only probably even worse.

  3. I’ll check out Bullock. Harris disappointed me. Biden has too much baggage. Corey Booker tried to redirect things and then got no more air time. Mayor Pete was fine, Bernie was Bernie, Elizabeth Warren knows her stuff. The debates are 2nd rate tv and I wish they would go away, or let real people ask questions.

    Who cares about the details. Tell me how you’ll get it done.

    Fixing neighborhood schools is the answer. You’re right.

    Now, on to worrying about the new DNI

  4. Ack! Don't get me started about the new DNI. It's supposed to be an apolitical post for someone with massive intelligence experience. The nominee is NONE OF THESE THINGS. I saw the orange man bloviating about the intelligence agencies running amok, and how the nominee would rein them in. I just can't stand it. I'm impressed by Bill Bennett from Colorado. I've watched some of his senate speeches and he appears to be rational and smart. I still like Mayor Pete, but what are the odds in this country?

    1. That's Michael Bennet, not Bill. Names escape me these days.

    2. Heard some talking head saying Bennet would be "eaten alive" by Trump in a debate.
      David Leonhart has a Warren/Buttigeig...Buttigeig/Warren article in today's NYTimes. A girl can dream, can't she?


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