Monday, August 5, 2019

Cheese and Cheerios

The toddler is getting into her personal space, and FlapJilly is not amused.  She doesn't want to be aggravated with her funchie cheeks little brother, she just wants to eat her lunch without his hands on her plate.  It's her one meal in front of the television; she wants to savor the experience.

Mommy to the rescue.  Out come the blueberry Cheerios Chelle bought them for their birthdays.  Although Little Cuter thinks that the honey nut flavor is far superior, the blueberry box was close to hand.  And so she spread some out on the coffee table and let Giblet loose.
That worked for a while, but his sister was still there on the couch, eating salami and grapes (her current go-to meal).  He had only cheerios, and they were insufficiently entertaining.  So, back he went to her plate.

She being the charming and thoughtful and kind individual her parents have raised her to be, took pity on the poor boy and placed a small piece of salami on top of the cheerio she extricated from his grasp.  

And suddenly, a new treat was born - blueberry cheerios with salami on top.  Little Cuter stopped laughing long enough to text her brother and me - Cheese and Cheerios are back!!!

Cheese and cheerios?  Yes, cheese and cheerios.  It's a snack I concocted for The Cuters  Kraft American cheese ripped into tiny pieces and pressed between two regular cheerios.  They gobbled them down as fast as I could create them. They ate them all throughout their childhood.

My daughter and I laughed about the 21st century version her kids had created.  We agreed that this weekend was best remembered with cheerios than with gunshots.  We reveled in the moment and I went to Pilates with a smile on my face.

I left the studio and headed for the grocery store, where, since the gods were listening to our laughter, I found this display as the electric doors whooshed open: 
Obviously, the stars were aligned.

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