Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Back To School Love Feast

I remember YOU!

That was the second most often repeated phrase I heard this morning.  The first was OH! Thank you!!

I started the day with Vera, the generous donor at Albertsons, who filled a shopping cart with goodies for GRIN.  She wanders the bakery, picking and choosing that which will appeal to those who are educating our future, then waits for me to come through the door and hug her.

Look at how wonderful she is:
I filled the coolers I remembered to bring with those delicacies which would melt in the desert sun,
and drove off the the first of my 13 stops.  It was supposed to be 12 stops, but one of my favorite principals moved down the road, so I added his new middle school to my route.  He was busy when I dropped off their treats, but several staff remembered me enough to hug me and thank me for everything.  

I knew they were thinking of Christina-Taylor.  So was I.

I left donuts and strudel and cakes and pies of all kinds and descriptions.
I left cookies and and bagels and muffins and cupcakes.
I left behind good will, smiles, and treats to fuel those who are paid far too little to do far too much.

As always, I took away more than I left.  My achy heart was filled with love.  I was reminded that the worst day of my life led to some of the best days of my life.  

CTG would be proud of me.  Little Cuter complimented my small and mighty presence.  TBG listened raptly to my tale of the tour.  The Survivor's Network would approve of my self-care skills.

Healing the world, starting with myself, one small act of kindness at a time.


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