Tuesday, August 13, 2019


The printer won't print what I want it to print.  When I press the help buttons on the device the situation just gets worse.  It began printing out instructions.  I didn't need instructions.  I just wanted it to print.

Control+P usually produces a quick response.  Not this afternoon.  Noooooo, not this afternoon.

Of course not.  Why should the printer/laptop interface work when the laptop itself is giving me trouble? 

The lock screen now displays random icons and photographs.  I don't know where this particular assortment of treasures originated, though I recognize all of it as living in the guts of my device.  Ever since I turned the keyboard underneath the screen so that we could watch our nephew-in-law's Babe Ruth championship game without knocking into the keys and changing the streaming, the device has had issues.

It thinks I like that tablet setting.  I don't.  I like knowing where things are and I don't know where things are because the way things are now is not the way things ought to be.

Do you follow me?  I'm barely following myself.

I have an agenda to print out for a Board Meeting tonight.  I wanted to put the treasurer's report on the back side of the hard copies I'll distribute tonight.  I copied and pasted and failed.  I tried to copy on another application (from Open Office to Google Docs, if you're interested) but the report was having none of it.

I clicked on the print icon and nothing happened.  No noises.  No screen notifications.  Nothing.

I can't find the Open Office icon, which is the portal to creating new documents.  I tried to search for it in settings, but that only sent me deeper into the abyss.  I don't know why.  I'm usually pretty good at finding a back way into things.  My usual tricks aren't working.

I finally found the agenda, printed out 7 copies.... and realized I needed 8 of them.  Not wanting to try to locate the file, I copied it on the printer.  I'm happy to report that the top and the inside of the machine are able to communicate, even if it refuses to talk to its neighbor on the desk.

As for copying the Treasurer's Report to the obverse of the Agenda, I've given up.  We have $2701.45 in the kitty; I 'll share the news and we'll move on. 

I will deal with the inter-mechanized-device-communication-issue tomorrow. 

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