Friday, May 24, 2019

Retiring the Garden for the Summer, Part 2

Thursday, May 23, 2019 -  The Last Day of School

 A friend is getting on with her life, and Grandma's Garden inherited her "I know I'll use them someday" collection of plastic pots.  I carted them, organized them, and stacked them neatly.
I debated taking on the destruction of the parsley forest, when the big kids, allowed to wander during their last recess before middle school, wondered if they could do anything for me.  
 Yes, I'd be happy to sit on the bench and watch them work. 
 Taking advantage of one of the gigantic trash bags the delightful groundskeeper bequeathed me ten minutes before, I set them to pulling plants. I signed a yearbook or two, I helped them pot the carrots and onions they unearthed, and I repeated the plant care instructions I'd been giving all week - Plants are not fish.  They do not swim.  Water Wisely.

Of course, there were beasties to be discovered.  This small grasshopper
 (trying to creep between the heels of his hands) 
was admired and, mercifully, freed.  

And then it was time to go.  
I began to push my loaded cart.... I didn't get far.  
And they did.
Making kind humans, one little American at a time. 
Until next year.......

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