Wednesday, May 15, 2019

There are some people you can call.
My Garden Guru is one of those people.  
I sent him this picture and a plaintive plea: I have a leak that is beyond my competence :-(
We texted back and forth then planned to speak after Garden Club.
I watched the ground around the irrigation box get wetter and wetter as the little kids then the big kids came through to eat their scallions and examine our sunflowers
Then I looked up and saw his smiling face.
On his lunch hour, in the middle of a phone meeting, he drove across town, to Grandma's Garden, because I needed him.  My heart was bursting.
And, as always, he had time to explain the situation to curious kids.
He shoveled mud with his bare hands, examined the assembly,
and went back to his truck for the materials and tools necessary to effect a perfect repair.
We left the hole uncovered, barricaded to prevent random trampling, and told everyone that the garden was closed for two days.  

The hole was still moist when I turned the lever and watched for a leak.  It was more fun than watching paint dry, because every second might bring catastrophe.  

There was no disastrophe (a perfect FlapJilly-ism).  My Garden Guru did it, after all.  

There was water flowing through the drip system and not dripping into the hole.  Now, the only watery mess was one we made ourselves.
Grandma's Garden was open for business again. 
Open, thanks to one remarkable human being.

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